Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:

Miami Mike - Wheels on the Road Magazine

for being persistent in trying to convince me to write an article that supports the pictures that I had been sending him for his fine magazine. Without the exposure I have received by representing WOTR, Axman Pictures would have never been possible.

Red Dog - ABATE of Florida, Southeast Chapter - for giving me the last push I needed to send in my first article

My wife Vicky "Spin Girl" Wojnar - for putting up with me and my desire to cover as many motorcycle events as possible and for giving me the idea to do something with all the great pictures I have taken

My niece Ariel Pittsinger - for being such a great help at the events

My friends and family in Germany - for not only reading my articles in WOTR on a monthly basis

ABATE of Florida, Southeast Chapter - for appointing me as the Chapter Photographer

Luis "Bigote" Alvarez / Pan American Litho & Hermandad MC - for doing such an outstanding job printing my business cards

Rui Dias-Aidos / Red AV - for taking the great picture that serves as back ground on my business card and banner

Martha Rabbit, Germany - for letting me use their beautiful music without charging me Royalties

All the Club Members and Independent Riders - for supporting my work

and last but not least everybody who actually reads my article in WOTR ( all four of them !)
I cannot thank you enough !

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