My name is Axman. I had been riding motorcylces in Germany for a very long time. I sold my last bike, a Kawaski KZ 650 just before I moved to the United States in 1988. After almost 16 years of not owning a bike, I got an itch to ride again.

Some five years ago my wife, Spin Girl, and I, attended the Motorcycle Training Institute's Safety Course, which I highly recommend to anybody who is interested in learning how to ride a bike or just to ride better. Within no time after completion of the course we ended up buying two bikes. I had to buy one for my wife as well, because she simply refused, and still refuses to ride bitch.

The sales person at Powersports, Johnnyagogo, introduced us to ABATE. We joined the Southeast Chapter. This changed our lifestyle completely. Right after the first ABATE meeting we attended, we rode out to what I believe was a Black Pistons MC party, which was held at Luke's Place in Davie, Fl. From then on in we started going to all of the events. We met a lot of really nice pepole over the course of the years and some of them turned out to be great friends.

From the beginning of our biker days I had always enjoyed reading Saddletime Magazine and especially WOTR. They gave me a good run down on what happened the previous month and which events were coming up. Even now I cannot wait until the new WOTR issue appears.

I have always taken pictures when I am out riding. I guess this is the German tourist in me. I started to send Miami Mike copies of the pictures I had taken and much to my suprise I found some of them published. I continued to send more pictures and then Miami Mike asked me if I could also send him a couple of lines to go along with the pictures. I told him that I had never written anything for anybody before in my whole life and I had no intention to start then. I was perfectly fine to just share my pictures.

In the May issue of 2007 I learnt, much to my dismay, that Marcel and Lisa would be taking some time off and that they would not be able to cover the events any longer. I always enjoyed reading their Around town article. On Mothers Day, the only day of the year I will take my mother-in-law out for a bike ride, we ended up at Cafe 27 where the ABATE Fill-Ins where in the process of packing everything up. When I was taking a picture of them, Red Dog askd me if I was stepping up to fill in Marcel's and Lisa's place. I had never really tought about doing this, espcially since they left some mighty big shoes to fill.

Later on that afternoon I decided to give writing an article a try. If I had known that Miami Mike issued about 7000 copies and got about 40000 hits on the internet on a monthy basis at that time, I would have never sent in my first article. Thank God, I was not aware of it. In the meantime, I truly enoy covering as many events as possible for Wheels on the Road.

See you out there.

Until then, Ride free and safe !



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